Breathing Circuit, Smooth Bore, Silicone, 22F, with grey cuff

Model No.
0631xx, 0632xx, 0633xx
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    Key Features


    1.    It can be sterilized by autoclave up to 134, chemicalsterilant for medical devices, or ETo.

    2.    Silicone smooth-bore tubing provides lesswater accumulation, lower compliance, anti-kink and easy to be cleaned.

    3.    Complied with ISO 5367


    -Connection: 22 F for both cuffs.
    - Tubing diameter: 16mm ID

    -Different lengths are available


    Order Information
    Breathing Circuit,Smooth Bore, Silicone, 22F,30cm with grey cuff

    063106   BreathingCircuit, Smooth Bore, Silicone, 22F,60cm with grey cuff

    063109   BreathingCircuit, Smooth Bore, Silicone, 22F,90cm with grey cuff

    063112   Breathing Circuit, Smooth Bore, Silicone, 22F, 120cmwith grey cuff

    063118   BreathingCircuit, Smooth Bore, Silicone, 22F,180cm with grey cuff

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