Air Humidifier Bubble Machines

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    Our range of products include air humidifiers and bubble machines that can be installed on concentrators. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to get a custom quote.

    1. Bubbling gas up through a reservoir of water to provide patient with comfortable, therapeutic humidity during therapy. 2. Recessed nipple reduces possibility of breaking off can be connected to flow meter. 6mm connection for oxygen tubing. 3. Rigid and durable wing nut and lid. Unique hand-dipped, soft plastic diffuser 4. Disposable, Single-patient use 5. Defined maximum and minimum water level lines. 6. Specification: - Relief Valve with preset audible alarm:2,4 and 6 PSI - Container Volume: 500ml, usable Volume: 300ml for 6 PSI(black cup), 400ml FOR 2&4 PSI(blue cup)


    Small Order Recommendation

    USD 3.30-3.30
    Breathing Bag, Latex, 2L
    USD 187.00-210.00
    Test Lung, Infant
    USD 28.00-45.00
    Dis. Water Trap
    USD 20.00-25.00
    2L Silicone Breathing Bag
    USD 9.20-15.00