1L Silicone carambola Breathing Bag

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Key Features

1 used in anesthesia ventilator. 
2 Use high-quality, transparent liquid silicone material good. Tasteless, Latex free. 
3 Use autoclavable, easy to clean. 
4 integrally molded tail hanging ring is not easy to fall off, easy to clean and provides suspension and handling. 
5. Breathing bag volume is clearly marked on the bag top. 
6 Specifications: 
- Connector: 22F 
- Capacity: 1 liter 
Ordering Information: 
1.040101 silicone carambola Breathing Bag 1L, has hanging ring 
2.040102 silicone carambola Breathing Bag 2L, has hanging ring 
3.040103 silicone carambola Breathing Bag 3L, has hanging ring 
4.040104 silicone carambola Breathing Bag 0.5L, has hanging ring

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  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)
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