Breathing Bag, Latex, 2L

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  1. Single patient use toprevent the risk of cross contamination.

  2. Material: Latex-free in “green” color, Latex in “grey”color.

  3. Specification:

      1. Connection: 22F

      2. Volume: 0.5 liter, 1liter, 2 liter, 3 liter


        Order Information

        040201 Breathing Bag,Latex-Free, 1L

        040202 Breathing Bag,Latex-Free, 2L

        040203 Breathing Bag,Latex-Free, 3L

        040204 Breathing Bag,Latex-Free, 0.5L

        040301 Breathing Bag, Latex, 1L

        040302 Breathing Bag, Latex, 2L

  1. 040303 Breathing Bag, Latex, 3L

  2. 040304 Breathing Bag, Latex, 0.5L

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  • Minimum Order:1
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